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What is Shipment Portal?
How do I access Shipment Portal?
How do I use Shipment Portal?
How to create Shipment order?
How To Show Details?
How to add Document/Images?
How to Update Status?
How to Add Client Details

What is Shipment Portal?

Shipment Portal is basically developed for convert manual ship order process to electronic form which prepare shipment order with respect to project.

Shipment Portal basically created for our client Holtec International to convert Shipment manual process in electronic form to collect proper data point and track on whole process. This portal has many modules The Shipment module contain all process like create shipment order, Add multiple document with respect to shipment order add multiple items with type like loose or Assemble with weight and quantity for upload multiple images used third party jQuery plugin. Process has multiple status main that status after complete the process we send the survey to the client to take feedback also implement localization and globalization which support three languages like Mexican, Spenish,english

It is providing common place to user to get all the information.

How do I access Shipment Portal?

  • Navigate to the following link:

  • Click “Register as a new user”.

  • Follow instructions for registration and await confirmation email. Note that a user id should match the vantage id, i.e. “Sample Employee” should be semployee, not s.employee or semploy.

  • The email should arrive within 1-2 minutes. If you do not receive the email, check your junk mail and then contact

  • Confirm account by clicking link in the email.

  • Return to to view Shipment Portal Home Page.

How do I use Shipment Portal?

After Login inside home page display multiple Menu

  • ShipApp :Navigate to home page
  • New :Create New Shipment Order
  • Manage :Contain List Option
  • Client :Create Client
  • Admin :Admin Section
  • Documentation : User Manual

How to create Shipment order?

To Create Shipment Order Click on

New :

menu from Home page.

In Above form Show two tabs need to fill all the consignee and shipper details and IPR no other details like transportation,major component,freight charge,mode need to fill in first Tab "Ship Details".

Change :

When click on change it will open popup when search client then it will display client list in dropdownlist and when select any client from list.

Click Update then it will auto fill consignee details like (Address,city,state,zipcode etc.)

Next Button check all the validation of detail page and navigate on bills of lading tab to user to add sub component details with respect to ship.

Bills of lading :

content all the subcomponent Item details with respect to major equipment Item.

Add New : When click on this button it will generate empty row to insert shipment component data.

This screen display all the Shipment order List with multiple option shown below

Print : This option used to show print perview of selected shipment order and provide print functionality.

Delete : Delete Shipment order

Edit : User can update current Shipment order.

Search : Top textbox used to search ship order by ShipNo,Client Name,Project,Equipment Name,Shipped Date.

LookUp : When click on this button it will show filter shipment list.

How To Show Details?

To See Details of any shipment order click on Shipment Manifest# Link from list it will display detail page.

Inside this it will display multiple tab option which display Bills of lading,Uploaded Document/Image List amd Update Status Option

Shipment Added Component Item List (Bills of lading)

Shipment Uploaded Document/Images List

How to add Document/Images??

Add multiple document we provide button "Add New Images" button bottom of Uploaded Image List section. when click on that it will display below layout which support to upload multiple /Single file at the same time with respect to selected ship order.

IE Browser : Internet Explorer Drag and Drop not working so used ctrl key and select multiple images and click on Open button.

Chrome Browser : It will support drag and drop.

How to Update Status?

For Update Status of Shipment click on Update Status Tab it will display UI with current shipment Status

The status which has completed display with specific color

For Updated new status click on buttons On UI it will update status.

Only Authorised person has permission to update status like admin,shipteam,shipamin role.

How to Add Client Details

Click on Client menu on top on home page

Client List

Create New : Link click to Add new client

Edit : Link click to update client information

Delete : Link click to delete client information

Client Edit

Doucmentation :

Its User Manual which contain all the introduction abpout shipment apps all modules.