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This section should help you resolving issues on budget tracker.

Contract Value Mismatch

Contract Value should be entered in Vantage on Project tab.

  • Got to vantage. Open Project. Go to Contract. Check if the latest contract value is accurate.
  • Latest Contract Value should be greater than zero and less than or equal to sum of All Milestons.
  • Open Milestones in Budget tracker (Budget Summary) and check total value.
  • Project data is cached and updated once a week. To force reload latest data from Vantage, goto Project List menu item on Budget tracker. Scroll all the way down. Find and click Force Reload Button.

Budget not updated

Project should be updated regularly. Update overall % status, ETC and percent complete on each budget item.

If the project hasn't been updated for long time, Budget tracker alerts project managers.

Accounting team and management regularly check status of project. Please update your project at regularly. Atleast once a month.

  • Goto Project Summary page and update Overall approx percent completion.
  • Goto Budget expanded view and updated E.A.C. and Percent Completion.
  • Go to control panel and submit acknoledgement that project status is up to date. This is useful for long term projects with less activity.